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Construction of Sewerage Connections and Related work in Abu Dhabi Islands and Main Island.

Contract No.: 0-12258.1_A


Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company


Aecom Middle East Limited

Main Contractor:

City Projects General Contracting LLC


  • Miscellaneous sewer work orders at various location inside Abu Dhabi island and main land and handing over to main contractor and consultant and after to ADSSC operation & maintenance.

  • Excluding:

       W.order. 23 / WO 28 / WO 109 / WO 177 / WO 78 / WO 113A / WO 113B / WO 160 / WO 195 / WO 125 /           WO 183 / WO 117 / WO 95 / WO 192 / WO 170 / WO 120 / WO 140 / WO 128

  • Excavation and installation pipe dia 160 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 400 mm new network and connect new plot to main network.

  • Casting MH dia 1500 (main) and H. connection CH.

  • Casting and installation new MH at existing line including control of flow from existing line.

  • Casting and installation new Backdrop at the existing MH including coring and modification inside the MH (modification benching)

  • Casting and installation internal backdrop and modification benching.

  • Raising and lowing MHs to adjust the level to match (Roads, Tiles, and Landscape).

  • Excavation and installation GRP pipe dia 800 mm at Shahama (W.O. 128) and demolishing old network and casting new MH and cast new MH at the existing line and modification benching and make new port depth of excavation 7-9 M. and control the flow during the work.

  • All work order hand over to client as well with O.SWAG.



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