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Construction of House Connection and Associated works (misc) in Abu Dhabi and western region.

Contract No.: 0-13022


Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company


ILF Consulting Engineer

Main Contractor:

TETRA Emirates General Contracting & Maintenance Company LLC


  • Miscellaneous sewer work orders at various location inside Abu Dhabi island and main land and handing over to main contractor and consultant and after to ADSSC operation & maintenance.

  • Excavation and installation pipe dia 160 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 400 mm new network and connect new plot to main network.

  • Casting MH dia 1500 (main) and H. connection CH.

  • Casting and installation new MH at existing line including control of flow from existing line.

  • Casting and installation new Backdrop at the existing MH including coring and modification inside the MH (modification benching)

  • Casting and installation internal backdrop and modification benching.

  • Raising and lowing MHs to adjust the level to match (Roads, Tiles, and Landscape).

  • Excluding:

WO 31 / WO 160 / WO 174 / WO 136 / WO 265 / WO 266 / WO 290 / WO 291 / WO 23 / WO 162 / WO 140 / WO 300 / WO 244



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